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BIO - Colin Cliffe

Colin has been writing and performing comedy for almost 15 years now and is currently in the development of an office-based sitcom for a television production company. His list of works to date include plays, sketches, poetry, songs and pantomimes which have been performed and enjoyed by both cast and audiences for well over a decade now.  Colin has just completed the directorial debut of his screenplay  'Downturn Manor' a spoof of 'Downton Abbey' which has been filmed on location at the magnificent Hankelow Hall, in Cheshire.


‘Heaven’s Close 2’  1 act version "Dear Colin, I am delighted to inform you that your play "Heavens Close " has been accepted as a finalist in the national 2018 Congleton One Act Playwriting Festival."

David  McCaddon

"Just to let you know we have just finished our 5 night run of ‘Traesure Island’ and we have never enjoyed performing a script as much as this in our 25 years of productions, the audiences were in hysterics during the galleon scene and our last 2 nights completely sold out purely down to word of mouth. Looking forward to another script next year, any recommendations?"

Cheryl Guerin –  5a’s Drama Group

"Join The Dots -It’s funny and made me laugh out loud, it echoes to me, the best of Father Ted, Excellent stuff cut me in when you are a millionaire"

Marc Blake – Script consultant

"Your script really comes from somewhere, you have a touch, a tone and funniness that is really appealing. You have a great ear for dialogue."

David Tyler – Pozzitive Television Limited

"Traesure Island -  The script is an absolute corker with something for the whole family, packed from start to finish with nonstop gags innuendos and double entendre a plenty. The very talented cast were perfectly positioned into their roles to deliver this hilarious almost farcical adaptation of this classic tale of skulduggery and deceit."

First night reviewer - AOL

"Once you have the characters moved into position it really becomes hilarious. I think the middle section of the script works brilliantly"

Jan Jung – Screenplay Productions


"I enjoyed your Script, it made me laugh out loud, it’s the best script I’ve been sent recently, it’s really well written"

Dave Spikey  ( Phoenix Nights )

"You have succeeded in creating a really funny environment, the humour never tires"

Lib Murray – Mersey television

"Record audiences have just enjoyed Snow White & the ? Dwarfs, written by Colin Cliffe, and full of the touches that make his scripts so special. Right from the off, bodily functions and related humour are to the fore — hardly surprising with a dwarf called Gassy!"

Editor – Audlem online

"A career on the screen beckons for script writer Colin Cliffe who has attracted keen interest from big TV production companies including Talk back Thames and Screenplay Productions"

Jamie Oliver - Crewe Chronicle

"Join The Dots has really stuck in my mind since I read it, really lovely work"

Mathew Mulot – Comedy Script Editor ( Talkback Thames)

"I really enjoyed reading your script, please get in touch with anything else you think we’d find irresistible"

Shane Allen – Channel 4 Comedy Commissioning Editor

"This pantomime did not fail to get both old and young jiving away in their seats, with sing and dance alongs, wet and wild pirate water guns and plenty of magical fairy dust. With songs and laughter along the way it is fun-filled evening for all to enjoy. One important thing to remember, is 'when you believe, anything can happen.'.

"Well done to all the crew and cast of Peter Pan and a special congratulations to the writer Colin Cliffe. We all look forward to see what's in store for next year!"

Ralph Warburton – First night review

"Lovely, dynamic  opening. It’s a great hook. There’s an element of mystery to it,that pulls us into the story"

Simon Wright & Declan Hill – BBC