Alison Wunderland


Genre – 2 Act pantomime
Run Time – 95 mins
Characters – 39+children (minimum 23)
Sets – Five (Details Below)

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Genre – 2 Act pantomime
Run Time – Approx 95 minutes plus interval
Characters – 39 inc children ( requires 23 actors )
Sets – Five – Woods, Palace / Gardens, Cottage, Wonderland, Dungeon


When Alison Wunderland goes missing whilst looking for mushrooms, a huge rescue operation is organised by her inept Father, Fritz Wunderland to find her. But with rumours of huge babies and strange creatures wandering around the woods something very odd appears to be going on and Alison needs bringing home as soon as possible. Could the huge opening that has appeared in one of the trees be a clue, and where will it lead them to ? With a huge Tea Party scene and a hilarious heads on spikes scene within the dungeon it all leads to a riotous conclusion within the courtroom of the King and Queen of Hearts.

Can Alison be saved ? Who has taken the tarts ? What is wrong with Dum Dum, and are there really bears in the woods ? These are just 3 of the many questions that need to be answered

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