Peter Pan


Genre – 2 Act pantomime
Run Time – Approx 75 mins
Characters – 28inc children (min 22)
Sets – Four (details below)
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Genre – 2 Act pantomime
Run Time – Approx 75 minutes plus interval
Characters – 28 inc children ( requires 22 actors )
Sets – Four – Childrens Bedroom, Indian Camp, Crocodile Cave and Lost Boys Island


Peter Pan has a very healthy appetite and as a result is struggling to fly, he has to use many other forms of transport to manoeuvre around, coupled this with a very unsteady Tinkerbell the flying has a lot to be desired. However when the very incompetent Pirates headed up by Captain Hook kidnap Tiger Lily, Big Chief Little Chefs daughter it is Peter who is called upon to save the day. With a combined army of Red Indians and the very strange Lost Boys Pan confronts the Pirates who always seem to be in Crocodile Cave it seems the budget wouldn’t run to a Pirate ship ). Will they save the day or will the Pirates triumph or will the Crocodile return to it’s lair to cause chaos and mayhem. Only one thing’s for sure Peter Pan has a big Rhea ?

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