Sleeping Beauty


Genre – 2 Act pantomime
Run Time – 80 mins
Characters – 36 (25 minimum)
Sets – Three, Details below

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Genre – 2 Act pantomime
Run Time – Approx 80 minutes plus interval
Characters – 36 inc children ( requires 25 actors )
Sets – Three – Royal Palace, Witches Lair, Village Square


King Stephen and Queen Mary and King Richard and Queen Judy have hatched a plan to combine their kingdoms, they simply require the new born daughter Aurora to marry Richard and Judy’s young son Phillip aka Mr Sparkle. The only snag is the evil Malificent has cursed Aurora, but don’t worry the good fairies Flora, Clover and Marg are confident they can lift the spell. Although Malificent has amassed an evil army to defend her castle, Gaston wanders into the wrong pantomime to help save the day

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