Snow White and the 14 Dwarfs ?


Genre  – Pantomime
Run Time  – 95 minutes
Characters  – 40 + children (minimum 28)
Sets  –  Three (Details below)
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Genre  –  Pantomime
Run Time  –  Approx 95 minutes plus interval
Characters  –  40 including children ( 28 actors required ) can be reduced by a further 7 if one set of dwarfs is used
Dwarfs – Doc, Dopey, Bashful, Happy, Grumpy, Gassy and Sleazy
Sets  –   Three – Royal Palace, Woods and Dwarfs Cottage


This pantomime spans 15 years as the young dwarfs develop into maturity, whereupon they encounter the runaway Snow White. The evil queen has sent her elderly henchman Harry into the woods to despatch Snow White, if only he had understood the instructions.

Could prince Algernon,  who only speaks in song lyrics be the man to save the day ? Or can the lazy Dwarfs expedite a rescue mission and be the hero’s of this story ? With an encounter of Robin Hood and his camp merry men and ‘Tizer’ son of Tarzan this tale takes many a twist.

Featuring a hilarious finale scene where the dwarfs can magically age and un-age by passing through the magic mirror this is a truly hilarious tale of Snow White’s adventures.

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