Video Licence



Video Licence is required for rights to record any type of Newstar performance.

Video Licences allows videos to be uploaded to YouTube and other social networks sites.

It also allows the sales of DVD / Digital Media of a performance.

Video Licence is linked to one Performance Licence however is not limited to the 1 year licence, as an example, video recording of a performance that ran last year can still be sold / shared / remain online with this licence after this period, however new shows / performance will require a new Video Licence.

All work & videos recorded should have a declaration of content provided and copyrighted to Newstar Script and material produce from any relation to the play will be copyrighted.

Newstar Script reverse the rights to use any materiel recorded to a show/performance.

Newstar Script reverse the rights revoke licence for any reason. If you require additional information then please contact us at

Full T&C apply

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